Our Promise and Commitment To Screening

BackgroundNOW has been a trusted company since 2003. We pride ourselves in our ability to use technology to improve online screening to help landlords and employers screen applicants more effectively, resulting in better decisions. We understand the importance of providing real data that is accurate and not incomplete, and are commited to earning your business and respect in the screening industry.

Running a certified background check should be simple and take no more than a few minutes. Before our Alias trace technology was developed, thorough screening, would require the use of paid private investigations which were costly and took several days to complete. Today, that same level of report is available online in minutes through our site.

When you run a criminal background check through our site, our system will first find all possible names, aliases and even nick names before running the search. This process allows you to be confident that your are finding all possible criminal records. Other sites often miss even the most obvious name changes such as when a person gets married or when someone starts using a middle name. Those simple name changes can be the difference from finding data versus missing it completely. Criminals are smart and many try to hide their history by using fake names. You can remain confident knowing that our system works hard to uncover all possible name matches. The best part is that this advanced screening process only takes an extra minute and doesn't cost you any more money. Our system will check every name variation we find no matter how many names or aliases we find for your applicant. BackgroundNOW is also connected to the Alert system used by FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), Federal, State, and local police departments and correctional facilities.

BackgroundNow provides criminal background results from all 50 States. For more information on state specific data; please refer to any of the state links below: