Online Background Check

With the use of Internet, information is now very accessible and business activities can be done in just a click. And so, conducting online background check is now possible.
We all know that background check is quite expensive —- the more detailed it is, an additional cost will be incurred. But with online background check, your money is saved.

Here are the following steps for you to conduct a thorough online background check without spending any cash:
1. Know Your Subject’s (Person) Name
You cannot perform an online background check if you do not know the name of your subject or the person’s name. After knowing his complete name, you may verify it on the usual places such as Google, Yahoo and even on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and etc. Utilize all the information you know such as his address, schools attended, his work and the office address

TIP: To eliminate irrelevant results, enclose your target’s name with quotation marks. For example, “Juan de la Cruz” life

2. Search Through Social Networking Sites
Social networking sites are the amazing sources of information because information shown are not all about you, but also those other information you have decided to be shared with the whole world. That is why most of the employers are asking for social media accounts for them to see who you really are.

TIP: Facebook is the best social networking site used as a tool for online background check. This site has a search engine in which you can search for people by name, email address, school, workplace and location. There are also other sites that you may use to find people and their “confidential” information; here are as follows:
• Whitepages —-
• PeopleFinders —
• FriendFeed —
• Spock —-
• Glassdoor —-
• Search Systems —-
• NETRonline —–
• Criminal Searches —
Online background check is not only applicable for the prospective clients, employees or business partners but also for your self. It is for the reason that you may have wrong information spreading in the internet or some embarrassing photos. So better be aware of what you share online or else you will face the possible consequences.

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